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Your Wellbeing Is Our First Priority

We are a consumer goods company that emphasizes on safe and healthy convenient products for a household. It is our mission to re-invent the future with healthy and safe products that will uplift the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the industry, community and the world.


The human health issue starting from infancy was not addressed in Sri Lanka, and the brand “ bellybees” became dedicated to giving consumers healthier options with proper nutrients needed, so they can fight health concerns of children such as obesity, diabetics, allergies and childhood development delays. That is why bellybees infant range consists of 100% natural ingredients. With the advice from leading pediatricians, child philologists and early childhood educators we have introduced these to the market in support of families in their quest to make healthy feeding choices for their babies”


Our family brand "Bellybees" products ranges from Infant Food, Toddler Food, Kids Food and Family Food products all consists of 100% natural raw materials with no added preservatives. With the recent expansion Bellybees have grown to other categories ranging from Sensory development products, Fashion and clothing, stationery and other consumer products supporting sustainable living supporting local arcticians and SME's.

As our children grew up we wanted to be apart of their lives journey. As time passed by the bellybees brand evolved into one of the largest family brands in Sri Lanka creating a fun, sustainable life around our loved once creating a lifestyle within the family.


We created Bellybees to ensure the environment our children grow up in is safe and healthy.  It is our duty to be sustainable and preserve our next generation. as our company grew we introduced a few more brands to make life a little fun in a safe environment




It all started in Minnesota in 2002, a little sketch during my marketing class evolved into a big dream.  Of course I had no working capital so my drawings were just a hobby.


Years later, after we moved to Canada, we came across my box of dreams. Only then, I began to do my research, product testing in my own kitchen, reading and researching... After we moved back to Sri Lanka in 2013 we immediately understood the potential the Sri Lankan market has and the untapped resources waiting to be utilized.   


We began our work on a ready-to-eat nutritional product that’s suitable for the growing children of Sri Lanka.  Of course my son was only 5 months at the time so it gave us first had experience into the world of infant taste buds and only then the company “Quebee Den (Pvt) Ltd” was established and the brand, BELLYBEES was born.


Within minutes of our first trade show, we knew we were onto something BIG. Together, with our amazing team, we continued to use our strengths in design and creative innovation to bring new products to the market. And very quickly, my classroom dream grew to be one of the most recognized brands in the Infant food industry of Sri Lanka.  Today, bellybees is in par with worldwide brands and available in all supermarkets throughout Sri Lanka.

As our Kids grew up so did the company and we introduced a few more product ranges to keep up with the changes and to be able to tackle those ever increasing demands that we face as parents.




  • SLIM Brand Excellence - Resilience Award (Consumer Goods- SME) - Merit


  • Cover of Lanka Woman Magazine

  • Women Entrepreneur of the Year (Small) - Women's Chamber

  • 2nd Runners Up - National Business Excellence Awards (Small)

  • Women Entrepreneur of the year for Sri Lanka - International  Business Magazine

  • Best Emerging Consumer Goods Company in Sri Lanka for the Healthcare Sector - International Finance Magazine

  • Entrepreneur of the Year - Western Province (Small)


  • 1st Runner Up - National Business Excellence Awards (Micro)

  • Sri Lankan Deligate at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit- GES2017

  • Entrepreneur of the Year - Western Province


  • Top Outstanding Young Persons of Sri Lanka

  • Entrepreneur of the Year - Western Province

  • Second Best Start Up in Sri Lanka - Venture Engine

  • International Women CEO Award

  • In Vogue Magazine Cover Story


  • Women Entrepreneur of the Year​

The Early Years

  • Poetry Ambassador for the United States of America

  • Editors Choice Awar

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