Moments in Time

Life's greatest fears and emotions can only be conquered or accomplished if you face them and work at it" This is a quote from Rohanthi Alahakoon, the author of a new poetry book called 'Moments in Time'.

At just 25, she developed a love for poetry and expressing her feelings through words while attending the Minnesota State University, USA, studying Marketing and International Business. In the beginning, writing poetry was just a hobby; but her friends encouraged her to send her work to a publisher so she could share her feelings and experiences with others. Only recently, once she returned to Sri Lanka, did she add the finishing touches to her work and catch the attention of Samayawardana publications, who, she says "allowed me to make my dreams become reality".

Rohanthi Alahakoon handing over a book to Oosha Saravanamuthu

Her book is one of personal emotions experienced throughout her teens, exploring moments, reflections and curiosities throughout those years in each poem, describing the thoughts that lingered in her mind while she experienced them in great depth. Everything included in the book is extremely personal, and much of it revolves round her life experiences so far. With a total of 24 separate poems, they explore a wide range of topics, varying from stories of love, childhood experiences and the tragedy of the tsunami. As a youngster, she was brought up in Sri Lanka and studied at Bishops College. She explains "My inspiration came from a number of places and people, including my college professor, Dr. Basil Janavarous. Of course, family played a large part in my life, and I greatly thank my parents and brother for being there for me and standing in the line of fire through different stages in my life".

It is not only the poetry that gives a personal insight into the feelings of Rohanthi Alahakoon; the pictures were taken by her closest friends, who gave her their support and encouraged her to 'reach the unreachable'. The book is printed entirely in black and white, which is perhaps intended to create a feeling of nostalgia and recalling youth. She lives by the philosophy "Don't let anyone make you feel that you can't have what you deserve" and by publishing this book, she has proved those who may have doubted her that she can accomplish exactly what she deserves.

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