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Quebee Den (Pvt) Ltd celebrates World Children’s Day by providing Food to underprivileged families

Colombo, October 1, 2016: Cerestar (Pvt) Ltd. alongside its NUTRIMATE flagship brand of ready-to-eat cereals, partnered with Quebee Den (Pvt) Ltd and its BELLYBEES– Ready to eat Infant food brand – to bring consumers healthy and safe consumer products that will uplift the economic, social and environmental sustainability of Sri Lanka.

Picture : - Supporting healthy living in the community

In efforts to support healthy living among Sri Lankan children, Nutrimate and Bellybees products were donated to children around the Colombo area to celebrate World Children’s Day.

“We are not just focused on placing a product on the shelves, we are interested in being a solution to a bigger picture giving the consumer more healthier options to choose from” stated Rohanthi Wijewickrama, Director of Cerestar (Pvt)Ltd and Founder/CEO of Quebee Den (Pvt) Ltd.

“At Cerestar, innovation has always been a part of our DNA. It is important that we create products that are healthy which will help recharge your body, with protein to rebuild and grains for energy," said Dharmasiri Alahakoon, chairman, Cerestar (Pvt) Ltd.

Cerestar (Pvt) Ltd, Producers of NUTRIMATE brand of food products mastered the art of cereal making with the popular Chocobubbles. With the experience gained in perfecting this product and encouraged by the popular demand for this chocolaty Chocobubbles, the company introduced 2 more cereal products recently which too are gaining popularity. These are fruity flavoured FROOTI-RINGS and the milky, vanilla & butterscotch flavoured WONDER STARS.

The New product, NUTRI-SOUP, comes in 5 different blends such as Tomato, Thai, Chicken Mulligatawny and Hot & Sour. The main component of the blend being the multigrain combination of locally grown Rice, Corn, Soya, Green Grams and Cowpea, this soup gives the consumer, high nutritional value through each and every product.

Nutrimate products is manufactured using 100% locally grown Rice, Corn and Soya and doesn’t contain any preservatives, wheat flour, gluten or genetically modifies ingredients to ensure that the product is healthy and is keeping with the worlds new health food trends.

“Our partnership with Quebee Den (Pvt) Ltd, Pioneers of Sri Lanka’s ready to eat infant food company, we are dedicated to bring healthy products to consumers of all ages from 6 months to adults.” Stated Dharmasiri. “The BELLYBEES Toddler Rusk – a weaning food - is manufactured at Cerestar and it comes in great tasting Crispy Fruit Chews that delivers a delicious banana and apple flavor with an intriguing crunchiness and made with the flours of rice, corn and wheat. The bite size, which comes as balls, are perfectly sized for toddler hands even for the little fussy eater. “We wanted the product to be healthy and also have the ability to teach the child, hand-eye coordination and independence by self-eating in a happy and fun environment,” continued Dharmasiri

“We created the company to assure that the next generation is preserved by providing products which are healthy and free of preservatives and other toxic chemicals. This is an area where the food industry has not paid much attention to and we have identified it as a necessity. As a parent, we have first-hand experience in how challenging—and sometimes stressful—it can be to make sure your child is getting the balanced nutrition he or she needs. We developed “BELLYBEES” to give parents peace of mind knowing that their children are getting a full serving of different vegetables and fruits in delicious combinations that their children will love. It is not only our passion but also our duty to offer healthy products for the next generation… Our kids generation… keeping the ethos of both companies Cerestar and Quebee Den alive, and continue to develop products such as the Nutrimate cereals and soups which can be of immense benefit to the tweens, teens, adolescents and even the adults of all ages” said Rohanthi

The father – daughter dynamic duo continues to enrich the industry and the community of healthy products as they open their doors to the export market while uplifting the rural farmers of Sri Lanka.

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