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Quebee Den's Rohanthi Tops Outstanding Sri Lankans ranking

Rising star Quebee Den has once again been awarded one of Sri Lanka's highest accolades with its Founder/CEO Rohanthi Wijewickrama adjudged the winner at the Junior Chamber International's (JCI) “Top 10 Outstanding Persons of Sri Lanka”, for her Economic and Entrepreneurial accomplishments.

Having understood the importance of an all-natural range of infant products in the Sri Lankan market while she was developing a ready-to-eat infant puree for her own son, Rohanthi established Quebee Den in 2014. The company currently manufactures a 100 percent infant-safe foods range that is not only highly nutritional but also offers a guarantee of no added preservatives.

Quebee Den offers the highly popular “Bellybees” range, that features a range of fruit and vegetable purees, including tasty and nutritious blends such as Pumpkin, Vegetables/Dhal & Red Rice, Carrots & Red Rice, Banana, Apple & Cinnamon, Papaya & Mandarin and Mango. It also produces a toddler rusk range and a line of infant cereals.

Thanks to her various efforts in promoting sustainability focusing on changing the livelihood of the next generation, Rohanthi has this year alone been honoured at Sri Lanka's Entrepreneur Awards, while also receiving the International Women CEO Award and 2nd Best Start up in Sri Lanka at Venture Engine 2016 prior to that. She is also a published author of 8 children’s books, and a Director of Cerestar (Pvt) Ltd and Dairymate (Pvt) Ltd.

“We are not just about having a product on the shelf.. at Quebee Den we want to create a safe and healthy environment for your young one so they can focus on achieving their own dreams. “ I have long studied the importance of a child’s earliest years to his or her healthy development and how healthy food is important in that factor. That is why bellybees infant range consists of 100% natural ingredients. With the advice from leading pediatricians, child philologists and early childhood educators we have introduced these to the market in support of families in their quest to make healthy feeding choices for their babies” stated Rohanthi.

“Winning this prestigious award from an organization such as JCI who is recognized worldwide puts Quebee Den on the world map making us hopeful and inspiring us to achieve greater heights.” Continued Rohanthi.

Junior Chamber International (JCI) currently operates in 116 countries around the world. This organisation structures its programmes around the categories of Empowerment, International Community and Development with a view to providing opportunities for international youth leaders, to generate meaningful and positive changes in their respective home countries. JCI is among one of the few organisations granted consultative status by the United Nations (UN) Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC.

About Quebee Den

We are a consumer goods company that emphasizes on safe and healthy convenient products for a household. It is our mission to re-invent the future with healthy and safe products that will uplift the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the industry, community and the world.

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