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Quebee Den unveils all-natural, locally-made 'Bellybees' Multigrain infant cereal

Sri Lankan consumer goods company Queebee Den has unveiled an all-new multigrain infant cereal made from 100% natural ingredients, all of which are in turn sourced locally.

Part of its "Bellybees" range, which is the first locally-manufactured, ready-to-eat line of infant food from Quebee Den, this new offering continues the Quebee Den guarantee of no added preservativesand is currently available to purchase at Keells Super outlets island-wide.

Full of nutrients that every baby needs, this new “Bellybees” infant cereal is a healthy mix of Rice, Corn, Soya, Green Grams and Milk, which is then blended into a fine mix of taste. Ideal for young'uns aged six months and above, this is the only infant cereals available locally that uses 100% natural ingredients. It also offers the added advantage of 100% of its raw materials being locally sourced, enabling it to be wholly manufactured here in Sri Lanka.

Said Quebee Den Founder and CEO Rohanthi Wijewickrama, “Our new Multigrain infant cereal is all-natural and 100% locally-sourced and made, enabling us to keep our promise of sustainable products for our community. As we continue to grow, ever mindful of our non-toxic, eco-friendly guarantee, we at Quebee Den are always on the look out to add further convenience in the lives of our customers, empowering them with even more meal options to continue to stay health, everyday.”

Manufactured at a fully ISO-certified facility, “Bellybees” is Sri Lanka's first ready-to-eat infant food range manufactured locally. Known for providing products with no added sugar, colours, flavours or preservatives, “Bellybees” features a popular range of fruit and Vegetable purees made for infants from 6 months old and up, which includes blends of Pumpkin, Vegetables/ Dhal & Red Rice, Carrot & Red Rice, Banana, Apple & Cinnamon, Papaya & Mandarin and Mango. Additionally, the “Bellybees” toddler rusk range consists of solid foods for young'uns to start chewing, available in Apple and Banana flavours.

Quebee Den is a consumer goods company with an emphasis on safe, healthy and convenient products for your home. They offer four key brands; “Bellybees” for food and beverages; “Qbee” for household products; “Craftbees” for convenient and creative products; and “Littlebees” for fashion- and comfort-oriented products. The company’s mission is to re-invent the future through healthy and safe products that will uplift the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the industry and community. More information could be found at

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