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Make Life Simple - Grab a Bellybees

What Makes Us Different

The Product
The People
The Planet

Sustain Life with 100% Natural Clean Ingredients and Packaging

Uplift The People
The Community
The Country

Support Local Businesses and give back to the community

Simple and Convenient

Continuously Innovate to Create a
Healthy and Safe Environment


Immunity the Way Nature Intended

We created Bellybees to ensure the environment our children grow up in is safe and healthy.  It is our duty to be sustainable and preserve the next generation that is why we believe natural ingredients is a way of life..

 - Rohanthi Wijewickrama

   Founder/ CEO

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In the Spotlight

I gave my son and niece (both toddlers) the bellybees rusks and they absolutely loved it. Just wanted to drop in to say you guys have created a good product that is healthy and also very much affordable.

My baby lives on your products.. he is a special needs child and the doctor recommended that I give him high nutrient balanced food. Thank you so much for creating bellybees



My husband managed to his hands on the cereal and I must say it has much better consistency than everything else in the market. Its not too runny and not too thick either and it smells great.. I love how it is the only one in the market with no sugar


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Local Delivery

Place your orders online and get it to your door step. 


In Store Pick Up

Bellybees products are available in all supermarkets. 


Curbside Drop off

Order through our 3rd party Uber eats outlets, hospitals and daraz for quick delivery

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